Print price

I charge $100 per print plus the lab cost. So if the lab charges me $30, I charge you $130. If the lab charges me $90, I charge you $190. Simple enough, eh? Hint: big prints are relatively a better deal!

Here are prices for some common sizes, including my cut:
Size Bare Print Mounted Mounted w/ Standout
16x20 $122 $142 $154
20x24 $133.50 $163.50 $175.50
24x30 $150.50 $210.50 $230.50
30x38 $183 $265 $290


  • Glossy
  • Lustre
  • Other finishes are available from a different lab

    Lustre prints can be mounted or matted and framed. Glossy prints would show every dust particle between the print and the mountboard, so they are not recommended to be mounted. They look great matted and framed. I can recommend a great framer nearby.

    Archival Qualities

    Prints are on "Fuji Crystal Archive", so they are real photographs, not inkjet or "Giclee". Keep fingers and dust and extreme sunlight off them and they will last longer than you will.

    How Big?

    The square photos on my website came from medium format film, and can be printed up to 20x20 The rectangular ones came from large format 4x5 film and can be printed whatever size you want: 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, 30x38.

    Some Yellowstone photos came from 35mm or digital, and can only be printed up to 8x12. The astronomical photos are limited to 16x20.