Graphic View Astrophotos

I photographed these on 4x5 film with an ancient Graphic View camera and a modern lens

The Lens is a Schneider 400mm Apo-Tele-Xenar Compact MRC. Being a telephoto, its flange focal length is only 285mm instead of the expected 400mm. The camera is a Graphic View made in the 1940's by Graflex. I stiffened it with two aluminum bars, and remounted it on a thick aluminum dovetail bar that fits my mount.

Most of the photos are on hypered Fuji Acros 100 4x5 sheet film. The TwoColor includes a shot on hypered Tech Pan, providing the red of the nebula. TP can see glowing hydrogen while Acros can't. I didn't use any filters on this shot, just the difference in film sensitivity.

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